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Water Features

water features design, engineering, and architectural integration.

VUEE is on the forefront of creating innovative and site-specific water features for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach combined with 10 years of experience, result in expertly executed projects that embody the highest standards of design, engineering, and craftsmanship.

h20 Build fall

Water disappears into a shallow bed of black rocks, beneath the mirror-polished stainless steel cube. this classic cube design can be made into most any dimension for all indoor or outdoor areas, and is particularly appropriate for modern spaces that are looking for an eye catching, yet soothing focal point. a single nozzle continually pours water from the top of the cube’s pool to enable the water to over flow, creating interesting water effects and patterns as it cascades down the highly reflective surface

H2O Torrent

The Built-in Torrent is an outdoor water feature primarily. However, with its calmness and serenity characteristics, people are often excited to place it in their oversized indoor balconies and lobbies.

The ideal feature of water cascading down the blade nozzle can fall from the maximum height of 10 feet, stretching the width to infinite meters.


Pure peace and serenity will surround you with the touch of this modern waterfall wall piece. Placed in any corner, or where space is limited, one of our gorgeous indoor/outdoor waterfalls will bring nature into your home, creating a quiet and tranquil spot at any time of day. The reflection of the water adds a stunning effect to any space.

H2O Rivulet

The water feature with its sophisticated curved/ straight design, and multiple rivulet spouts produces a contemporary, yet classic outdoor focal point. Made of copper with bronze patina finish/ stone/ granite, the fountain has multiple rivulets of water that gently stream into a recessed pool with submerged beach pebbles, and energy efficient LED lighting.

H2O Spouts

The design incorporates a classic, yet simple design, which allows the size of the project to not overwhelm the space. Each pool has illuminated nozzles that provide interesting water effects, as well as soothing water sounds, similar to a babbling brook, that assist in producing a relaxing outdoor common area.

H2O Droplet

Our droplet feature, exudes a sense of tranquillity and harmony in this exquisite location, Water travels up the cantilevered stainless steel frame, releasing hundreds rain droplets that gently cascade into the pool, creating a melodic and serene ambiance. The feature is further enhanced with led lights that change colors, illuminating the feature and transforming the backyard into a vibrant and colorful oasis.


H2O vortex

The surface of the HydroVortex fountain evokes the soothing sounds of falling water, while simultaneously drawing in air for an internal vortex to rise and fall. The effect is mesmerizing, a visual illusion of pure liquid rising out of the ground. The surface appears to be solid, but water is in fact constantly flowing from the top to the bottom while air is drawn into the center rises and falls with each breath.

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